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My Approach

At identity therapies I uphold the understanding that one style of therapy cannot possibly match all identities, which is why I have trained as an integrative psychotherapist and supervisor. I offer a variety of counselling, life coaching and supervisory services that will nurture your best authentic self. Some of the key approaches I find helpful include:


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

This therapy is most beneficial for eradicating negative thoughts, patterns and behaviours. It focuses on practical ways to improve your current issues and anxieties. In doing so it allows you to maintain a healthier more fulfilling lifestyle.

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Person-centred Approach

This therapy allows you to recognise your true identity and full potential through self-awareness. It provides you with a space to be heard, understood and not judged. Ultimately you are able to build healthier relationships whilst better understanding who you are.

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Psychodynamic Approach

This therapy focuses on the effect that your early experiences have had on your present life and how they have shaped who you are today.  By working through any unresolved issues you are able to let go of negative past experiences and build healthier relationships with yourself and others.

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